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Retinol Wrinkle Firming skin Lifting Anti-Aging Whitening Cream

Retinol Wrinkle Firming skin Lifting Anti-Aging Whitening Cream

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What is Retinol Face cream and why should I use it?

Retinol face cream is a form of vitamin A with many uses in skin care. It's used to treat acne and has anti-aging effects. Most people are suffering from skin wrinkles, acne, visible finelines and uneven texture on the skin. This all causes your appearance look aged, sometimes more than your actual age


this happens mostly exposing to the sun over time, lack of skin care habits, lifestyle problems etc.

But we all need to stay younger as long as we can and get back the skin we used to have when we were teenagers. We believe that’s something we all need despite our gender differences.

Then how do I get back my younger skin?

Our Retinol Facial Skin Care Face Cream is specially made to get it done for you . this special Retinol face cream is mainly a mixture of Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Arbutin which are working together to penetrate the skin and stimulate cologne and helps to repair damaged skin cells, also controls the sebum production in order to get you a soft and flowless skin over time. Controlling sebum production helps to reducing the size of skin pores which result a younger looking skin. Also stimulating cologne production helps to surface wrinkles, Finelnes and also help to cure acne.  


 How do I use and how long it takes to see visible results?

Retinol cream is something you need to use daily to see faster results,

it needs time to penetrate your skin and do the repairing constantly until you see a visible results .

Usually it takes more than 1 month .ones you see results you will notice that its repairing your skin faster than before.

 So it’s advised to use daily and constantly as your daily skin care rooting to get the best result possible .not only for adults ,If you are over17 then you can use this product ,if you use this for years you aging speed will be reduced over time .

 Please remember: always slower the better ,so be patient and use regularly.  

 How to use it ?

You must use Retinol cream at night because the sun light disables the effect .

First of all you need to clean your face and scrub or cleanse your face . Then dry your face with a towel then apply a small amount (size of a peanut) to your effected areas specially.

Note: some people with sensitive skins get skin irritations, so better use smallest amount possible until your skin get use to the product, later you can increase the amount over time. Do not expose your skin to the sun without applying sunblock

 It is totally fine to use under your eyes so no need a different eye cream.

After using retinol cream, if you feel some irritations or dry feeling, please use your favorite moisturizer on top of it.

Features in summary:

1. Contains retinol and multi-care essence, no additives, mild and non-irritating, easy to absorb, even for sensitive skin.

2. Deeply penetrate the skin, effectively increase the skin barrier, delay skin aging, promote collagen regeneration, firm the skin, brighten the complexion, and make the skin delicate and firm.

3. It has a good effect on lightening fine lines, eliminating dark circles and eye bags, inhibiting the formation of wrinkles, improving dull complexion and dry and rough skin.

4. Effective anti-aging and anti-oxidation, increase skin elasticity, help you improve various skin problems, and make your skin youthful and vibrant.


Material: paste

Capacity: 30g

Size: 5.5*5.5*4.7cm

Efficacy: anti-wrinkle, anti-aging, moisturizing

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