Our affiliate program

what is an an Affiliate program ?

affiliate is a marketing program that provides outsiders to work with us and earn money .

How to enroll ?

what you have to do is register to our affiliate program and promote provided items on your own blogs, websites, social media or anywhere you want, according to your preference. If you are creative ,and know how to sell, then chance is yours to make some money .

once you registered, we provide you a custom link to the product you advertise. once your customer click the link and purchase the item ,you will get paid 10% of the value of the product . More selling you make ,more you make money .

This program is absolutely FREE ,so you have no initial cost or any kind of payment to make.so feel free to enroll and make money . we highly recommend for those who have social media page followers(facebook,instagram,twiter ,tiktok ,utube,pinterest.), students ,those who are looking for online jobs etc.

how do you get paid ?

after you register to the affiliate program ,then you will get an access to your affiliate portal where you see all your income .

when your customer purchase an item though the link we provided  , we automatically know the purchase made though your link that we provided to you.

(Please Note: you have to make sure your customer purchase though the link we provided, not directly from the website)  .

once you get paid you will see the amount you received in your affiliate portal. At the end of the month we pay you the whole amount you made throughout the month to your provided bank account .